Group study vs. individual study

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Every student is different from one another, and so their choices are also distinct from each other. Some prefer studying individually as they find it’s the best method for them, while some prefer studying in a group.

Studying independently-

·  Help you in reducing your distraction- t often happens that while studying in a group we tend to do a lot of chit-chats rather than studying. Studying alone helps you in concentrating. It’s easy to avoid the interruptions, while in a group study you will not be able to avoid this.

·  Allows you to be yourself- When you are studying individually, you can follow your schedule anyhow. You are a free bird that time, as you can take breaks whenever you want. You can stick to a question for hours and hours and can move ahead only when your concept is cleared.

·  You can improve your focus- Sometimes your study partners are not cooperative. They feel like studying hours for a particular topic, where as you might be expert in that topic. When you decide to study alone it will give you a fair idea about where you are lacking.

·  Disadvantage of studying individually- Sometimes while studying alone you tend to get more irritated and depressed. There is no one to push you back to the study if you are off from your track. You might get stuck on some part but at that time you do not have anyone by your side.

Group study-

·  It is more beneficial in competitive exams- Competitive exams have really vast portion, so it is mostly done within the group. When studying in a group you can easily get your doubts cleared with the help of your study mates. Explaining the notes to each other’s helps in exploring various ways of how to study and thus also helps in improving your knowledge retention.

·  Helps you to gain extra information- Studying in a group, you share a lot of things with each other. You get the knowledge from everyone. You get to know various tricks and techniques while studying in a group. Open discussion enhances your thinking ability and skills. When you join a particular institute or a study library, you will get to participate in various group activities, like debating, solving some quizzes.

·  Boost up the motivation-