Six mistakes to avoid in an exam

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Exams are the most important part of the life. However, overstressing will not help you to move ahead in your life. There are many people who tend to do silly mistakes in an examination, which might cost dearly. Here are few mistakes, one can easily avoid while appearing for any examination.

1. Improper time management- During any examination, time is the key. Each and every second counts up. Calculate the maximum time you can allot to solve each question. Pay attention to the weightage given for each and every question and solve accordingly. Do not waste your time over tough questions; instead go for the easy ones which will help you in saving the time for difficult ones.

2. Not reading the questions properly- You are bound to get stressed in an examination hall. This makes you lose your concentration. If you do not read the questions thoroughly, you might end up in a fix. Sometimes, the questions are jumbled up and tricky. Many times, you might know the answer of that question. Just because it is presented in a different way, you might get confused losing the precious time and attention. Be calm and read the question again.

3. Showing that you have studied everything- Many students easily fall for this trap. Even if you have understood the question, you still end up writing the answer which you want to write and not focusing on actually what is expected to be written. If you have over-revised a particular topic that doesn’t appear in your question paper, you feel the urge to show how much you have studied. In such scenario, you might end up writing the answer without seeing its relevancy to the question.

4. Leaving multiple choice questions for an option- Sometimes negative marking is not applicable in multiple choice questions. Thus, you can afford to guess even if you do not know the right answer. You never know, when the luck will be in your favor.

5. Leaving the examination room before time- There may be many reasons of leaving the examination hall early. Few amongst them might be the impatience to celebrate the joy of exams getting over or a tough question paper. Sometimes, after going out, you might remember some answer which you didn’t attempt or answered wrongly. Recheck the answers till the last minute.

6. Distractions by the surrounding- It’s easy to lose your focus. However, it’s hard to get it back. Sometimes, from the corners of your eyes, you might notice someone writing four pages answers and start wondering about it. Do not compare with anyone. Your complete focus should be solely on your question paper and how to finish it before the time.

Exams are always stressful by their character. However, by keeping few tips handy, you can surpass them with flying colours.