Tips on time management in competitive exam

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Time management is the key to achieve success in any examination. If you manage your time effectively, you will be able to clear the competitive exams easily. You should realistically manage your time.

  • Organizing the things properly – The first and important step is the organization. It helps in clearing up the mess. You need to start utilizing your time at least a few months before the exam. It will help you in realizing, how much time you have to give to the study and for other extra-curricular activities. Do not let time take control over you.
  • Set your priorities- You should be able to divide your time in a proper way. Studying should be your first priority and then comes the other activities. Study time should be well allocated. Analyze how much time is required for a particular topic or a subject. Accordingly, divide your time. Give your maximum time to the difficult subjects and less for the ones in which you are confident enough.
  • Make a proper schedule- Putting your ideas on a page is more important rather than only making those ideas in your mind. You need to plan a well-thought and detailed timetable. Divide your time into different slots. Have separate time for sleep time. Give proper time for each subject. Do not plan your schedule in overconfidence, never set unrealistic targets. Small but realistic goals will help to enhance the confidence.
  • Reviewing the things is really important- Make some review cards to help you memorize the things in the best way. Paste your review cards on the wall, or fridge, so that whenever you pass by you can go through over it at a glance. You can read it anytime. If you keep reading those cards, it will help you in remembering the information very easily. Frequent repetition is a key to this. Syllabuses of competitive exams are vast, so to remember everything is impossible. You can find out various tricks and techniques.
  • Plan some free time- You cannot study continuously. Keep some time for relaxation. Try to keep your mind stress free. Do some activities which make you happy and refreshed. Be energetic.
  • Keep track of your progress- Students always fail to follow up their schedule and this is the biggest make they do with time management. If you don’t keep track, all your efforts will be wasted. Always be sincere and honest to yourself. Look at your schedule and always keep a track of your schedule. Ask yourself, are you following your routine as per your schedule? Are you on the right track? Is your time fully dedicated toward studies? Are you completing your daily targets on time? This will help you in realizing that exactly where you are standing.
  • After all, dedication is the most important aspect of time management. It also requires logic. Judge yourself at every moment. You know your speed; your capability likewise manages your schedule. Time management is a good thing if used wisely. Thus, it is highly necessary also during competitive exams.