How to crack competitive exam in the first attempt

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Competitive exams are highly popular and crucial. To crack them in the first attempt you need to make a proper strategy and follow it up on a regular basis. Competitive exams are not same as other exams. It requires entirely different stamina, mindset, and even understanding.

Here are some handy tips to crack competitive exam in the first attempt-

  • Plan out smartly- Now when you have decided to prepare for the competitive exam, you have to start planning out your daily schedule. You need to find out what are the actual exam dates and later on calculate how much time is left for the preparation. If you keep on studying till the last month, it might lead to exhaustion and stress. Find out your weak and strong points and figure out how much you much you need to work out. If you are weak at essay writing or reasoning, then start working on those areas. Make proper use of the time.
  • Prepare a checklist- Once you have got an idea about the syllabus; make a list of your requirement, for e.g., what all books you will need, previous year’s exam papers, extra notes. Collect as much material as you can.
  • Be positive and focused all the time- Always keep your aim in your mind. Do not get distracted. Always keep saying to yourself that you have to clear your exam in the first attempt. Keep your positive attitude same throughout the year.
  • Set proper study timings- Remember that morning time is the best time to study. Make sure you have got proper sleep. Study the most difficult subjects at that time, because your mind is fresh during that period. Avoid studying in the odd times, e.g. when you are feeling sleepy or tired.
  • Do not adapt yourself to rote learning technique- Try to understand the concepts when you are preparing for the exam. Make sure you solve all the problems with proper understanding. You can create your techniques or do something creative to remember the difficult questions. Always ask questions to yourself, whether you have understood a particular topic or not.
  • Enroll yourself in proper coaching classes- To clear the competitive exam; relying on self-study is not the only option. You need guidance to excel in the exam. By taking up the coaching class you can clarify all your doubts and concepts. Many institutes conduct mock tests, appear for those exams. Attend some seminars which are related to competitive exams.
  • Solve previous year exam paper- Paper solving is the key to crack competitive exams in the first attempt. The more you solve the papers, the more you become confident. It gives you an idea about actually where you are lacking and on which areas you have to work. Last few months of exam your complete focus should be on paper solving.
  • Keep yourself away from distractions- Be less active on social media. Keep yourself away from your friends, or going out for parties. Remember every minute is important, and you cannot afford it wasting like that only.
  • These are some effective tips which will easily help you in cracking the competitive exams in the first attempt. Do not get stressed up. Stay focused, and you will shine out like a star.